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Gold colour with soft bubbles. The bouquet is varied, with notes that start with the fruit and evolve towards yeasts and pastries, always with more depth. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, structured, with a full and round taste and good persistence.


Champagne on special occasions is how to briefly describe the "Cuvée CXVI Sans Soufre Blanc de Noir ". A bubbly with personality and character, perfect for most combinations at the table, revealing a taste and olfactory harmony which develops with a perfect balance. After direct pressing, the grapes of Pinot Noir spontaneously ferment in 425 liter drums and 650 liter tanks, where they are then reared for 11 months. The production process continues with assembly and bottling, with the addition of sugars and the "lies" of basic wines for the second fermentation. Degorgement takes place after 44 months. Without added sulphites, the authenticity of the main grape emerges, the Pinot Noir.

Cuvée CXVI - SANS SOUFRE Blanc de Noir

  • Champagne

average rating is 3 out of 5
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