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“Zacinta Revi” is named after one of Maria Sole’s grandfather’s beloved horses. Formerly a Sauvignon Blanc in purezza, recent vintages have seen Maria Sole incorporating portions of direct-press Sangiovese (Sangiovese vinified as a white wine, in other words) as well as younger plantings of Trebbiano Toscano. Furthermore, she allows the Sauvignon Blanc to macerate on its skins for a few days — enough time to contribute a touch of color and to enhance the wine’s texture, but not enough to turn it into a full-bore skin-contact-style white.


The results are delightful, with tangerine, anise, and musky flowers supported by firm minerality and tangy acidity. The fruit for “Zacinta Revi” comes primarily from 20-year-old vines in the chalky clay soils of the Poggio alle Ficaie vineyard at 350 meters altitude, and it has been aged for six months on the fine lees in stainless steel after a natural fermentation without temperature regulation.

2020 ZACINTA REVI Bianco IGT Toscana

    average rating is 3 out of 5
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